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DogTAGS offers a professional training and behaviour service across Yorkshire, helping people to have an enjoyable life with their dogs.

Our mission is to help you understand just what makes your dog tick; giving you the tools to train your dog and change any unwanted behaviours. Our instructors are fully qualified, experienced and approachable, always aiming to make you feel comfortable when discussing your individual dog’s needs. Our methods are kind and fair, for both you and your dog, and no question is ever ridiculed!

Behaviour problems or boisterous, unruly dogs can be difficult to live with and have a real impact on the harmony of your home. DogTAGS was established to help people understand why things are going wrong and provide support through what can seem a very difficult time. We will give you knowledge and necessary skills which are powerful tools to help you to train and gain success.


Helping You To Help Your Pet

We offer a full range of consultancy services from simple training to complex behaviour problems, including aggression and separation related issues. Training and behaviour modification plans are tailored to meet the needs of individual dogs and clients using kind, effective, reward based methods.

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Get in touch with DogTAGS to learn more about our behavioural training services.

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