Puppy Help

Owning a puppy is both exciting and exhausting all at the same time! DogTAGS have tailored a specific puppy training course designed to set you on the right path for a harmonious life with your new friend.

Young puppies need careful and methodical socialisation during their first few months, as well as the beginnings of a structured training plan.

We will show you how to achieve this to set your puppy up to be a well mannered and well socialised adult dog. Our puppy training course consists of four hours of one to one private training and covers all the normal puppy 'teething problems' and basic life skills such as:

  • Puppy mouthing

  • Jumping up

  • Stealing items (socks, shoes... and the TV remote!)

  • Basic training

  • How to be handled and groomed

  • Lead walking

  • Coming back when called

  • Learning to be home alone

  • How to greet other dogs and people

  • Appropriate play

  • Preventing future behaviour problems

The first hour is always done at your home - we can even do this prior to puppy's arrival to help you prepare for a smooth transition into your home and avoid any pitfalls in the first few weeks.

We will introduce you to our ethos of positive dog training and discuss any particular problems that you may have. The remaining three hours are spread over the next 4 - 6 weeks where we continue the training and start to take it out into the real world, such as your local shopping centre or your nearest park.


Puppy Training Course (4 hours)


Introductory Puppy Help (1/1.5hrs)