Behaviour Problems

Our behaviour consultations are for anyone who has a particular problem with their dog's behaviour. Our approach is to help you understand just why your dog behaves the way he does and offer you practical advice to modify the behaviour.

The initial behaviour consultation is undertaken at your home where we will take a full history and structure a behaviour modification plan.  

All members of the family are encouraged to take part in the behaviour consultation and to ask questions.  We believe that there is no such things as a silly question!

The initial consultation will take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours -  following this, approximately 2 weeks later, there will be a follow up consultation to assess how the training has progressed and discuss any further changes.  The follow up consultation may well be done outside in the real world, if this is applicable.

Additional follow up sessions can be booked, in order to continue the work, either at home or out in real life situations.

Examples of behaviour that can be addressed at a behaviour consultation are:-

Reactivity to other dogs or people

Separation Anxiety

Guarding food bowl, toys or "stolen" items!

Multi dog household issues

Fears and Phobias

Generalised Anxiety

Behaviour consultations are carried out by referral from your Veterinary Surgeon and we do work with many Veterinary Practices across Yorkshire.


The price for initial behaviour consultation and follow up session is £160.00 inclusive.

Additional follow up sessions cost £45.00 for  1 hour or £25 for a 30 minute session