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Privacy Policy


dogTAGS are committed to protecting personal data and complying with all UK and European laws on data protection.

We need personal data from our customers in order to deliver our services.  This privacy policy will give you a summary of how we manage and secure this data and how you can exercise your rights over it.

All of the data that we have collected is from our customers, as we engage with them, we do not buy or source data from anyone else.

All of the systems, both paper and electronic, that we use to store and process your data conform to good data protection standards.  We do not take credit card payments and therefore have no need or opportunity to store such sensitive data.

The amount of personal data we need from you is summarised below and we only ask you for what we need:

Personal data, for identification and communication:  Name, postal address, email address and telephone numbers.

Personal data related to dogs: Dog’s home environment, other individuals that the dog lives with or interacts with.  We only need these details if we are dealing with behaviour or behavioural training.

Data on dogs: Dog’s name, age, medical history, Veterinary Surgeon/Practice

Under UK and European data protection laws, we need to have a lawful basis for having and processing your data.  We use the basis “Contract” when we are delivering services to our customers and we do not engage in any Marketing or Promotions work.  If you don’t want to engage with us anymore then please tell us and we will stop.

We don’t share your personal data with any other organisations, except for those that we need to in order to deliver our services and we will ask your permission before doing so.  For Behaviour Consultations, a Veterinary Referral will be in place and therefore we may need to discuss your data with your Veterinary Surgeon.

We might want to share a picture or video of you and your dog engaging in our services, on our website or social media channels and we will always ask your permission before we do it.

You have rights over how we manage your data and we are committed to respecting these.  We will be happy to help you exercise these rights if you want to, just get in touch with us.

After we have delivered our services to you, we keep a paper copy of your personal data for 5 years and this is stored in a secure environment.  All electronic emails and correspondence are deleted as soon as the need for our services has ceased.  We do not store your email address for marketing or promotional purposes.

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