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Cockerpoos, Labradoodles, Spoodles, Golden doodles  - we love them all but living with them isn’t always plain sailing.   These bright, clever and active dogs can make wonderful pets but it is important to understand just what makes them tick and how to use their genetic traits to good effect.  For example, picking up underwear and socks can be really annoying or we can turn this around so that your dog can use his or her picking up skills to your advantage!


This 5 week training course was written by Jane Hanshaw and was designed to help owners understand how to get the most out of life with these fabulous dogs.  

Some of the things that we will cover are:- 

Pupy mouthing

Jumping up

Stealing items- sock, shoes... and the TV remote!

Life skills training

How to be handled and groomed

Lead walking

Coming back when called

Learning to be home alone

How to greet other dogs and people

Appropriate play

Preventing future behaviour problems


Week 1 of the course will be done in your own home and Jane will help you to understand your  particular dog’s genetics and just why it does the things that it does!  We will look at life skill training exercises and problem prevention protocols.  This session usually lasts approximately an hour.


Week 2  is again done in your home and we will evaluate the training started and continue to look at all the basic obedience type exercises, as well as mental stimulation and games to play with your puppy. 


Weeks 3, 4 and 5 are done out and about in the real world, where we apply the training that you have been doing and you get support in dealing with taking a puppy out into the big wide world.  We might go to a shopping centre, train station or on the walk that you use around your home.  These sessions are all about you and your puppy and we tailor the training to fit.


£190 for the 5 week course 

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